What we do

Effective & Efficient

We work with a variety of companies; from South Africa's top digital agencies to startups offering different services based on their needs. Our years of experience means we have the know-how to work with you to find the best solution that fits your needs and your budget. We love technology for what it can do, not for the sake of technology!

Web App Development

Web applications offer custom solutions for unique needs; these applications utilize web and browser technologies to accomplish one or more tasks over a network (internet or intranet). We have the experience and expertise to create a custom web application to help take your business to the next level.


The rise of HTML5 and the spread of powerful modern browsers has meant that we are able to craft a modern, easy-to-use web application without sacrificing performance or reliability. We can create a custom web solution for your business that aligns to your business goals, is cheaper to own because of minimal license fees, adapts to your unique business environment and gives you complete control of your application


Team Outsourcing

At times, the best people you need for your project aren't available. So we offer agencies, startups and companies assitance & expertise in front-end development and mobile/web development


Wordpress Customization

Wordpress is the dominant content management system and powers over 60 million sites. We have the expertise to integrate your website with Wordpress


Mobile App development

The explosion of mobile technology and smartphones in the last few years has meant that companies can now use mobile apps to enhance their own internal systems and processes. We help companies come up with in-house mobile solutions and apps intended for an internal or restricted audience. We also craft mobile-friendly sites to ensure your site can be viewed from any device the user is using

Trade Events


Trade Events is a Johannesburg based company that specializes in event management and publications. With a variety of products and over 10 sales people in Johannesburg and Capetown, keeping track of the company's sales, prospects, existing clients, tasks and targets was a full time job.

We developed a custom Customer Relationship Managment(CRM) platform that acts as the core of the company. The CRM is intergrated with the company's client database and enables sales person to keep track of client communication, new sales opportunities, new sales, company news, sales targets and company reports. Management no longer has to spend hours compiling sales reports, they are available at the click of a button and can be easily filtered and exported to CSV.

We have continued working with Trade Events after the CRM was launched and we are now at the second iteration of the CRM. New features have been added, the interface redesigned, existing features enhanced and new technologies used to create a modern app. As the needs of the business change with time, we work with our clients to ensure their applications stay relevant with the times.



Gloo Digital, now part of Ogilvy & Mather SA, is one of South Africa's leading and most awarded digital agencies. We have worked with the agency for the past few years on a number of key accounts including KFC SA, Sun International, FNB, SA Tourism and many others.

Our work for Gloo ranges from responsive HTML mailers to Wordpress customizations to single page sites to complex mobile apps to Raspberry Pi customizations.

CBA Group

CBA Group

The CBA Group is one of East Africa's leading banking establishments with branches all over East Africa. We were contracted by Halo Brand/Main Multimedia to develop the website for the bank. Working from designs supplied on PSD, we created the front-end of the site using a mixture of HTML5/CSS3, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

We used Wordpress as the Content Management System and extensively customized it to reduce bloat and added extra features such as SEO friendly links, banner management plugins and country management plugins.


Nissan SA

The Nissan Auction system is one of the most interesting projects we have done recently. It comprises of an online auction system that enables Nissan to auction vehicles to it's dealers. Multiple auctions can be held every day with a variety of vehicles being auctioned in a lot. Nissan dealers are able to login and bid on vehicles on the auction. The system has reporting capabilities that enable Nissan staff to view all bids and compile reports which can be exported to CSV.

To ensure that Nissan dealers have a better idea of the vehicles they are bidding on, we developed a mobile app called Autopic which is used by Nissan Staff. Using Autopic, Nissan Staff can search for vehicles, add and delete pictures for a vehicle and add in optional vehicle information which is then instantly available on the auction site.